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How to Downsize

Moving is a pain! Especially when you are going from a spacious two bed, two bath to a studio apartment. I am a firm believer that you take up as much space as  you are given and during my time in my spacious 2/2 I have acquired chairs, tables, clothes, bags, shoes, holiday décor, and who knows what else. I am going to give you some of my tips to downsizing whether it is for a move, spring cleaning, or simply want to simplify your life.

Backwards Hangers

Have you ever pulled something out of your closet that is 10 years old and still has the tags attached? Yeah, I’ve been there. Take the time to organize your closet and everything that is on a hanger, hang backwards, meaning have the hanger face away from you. Once you wear the item hang it back up normally facing towards you. After a year take a look at your closet and see how many items are still facing away from you. This indicates that you have not worn this piece at all during the last 365 days, 4 seasons, and all occasions. So, donate it!

Sell It or Donate It

It is easier to part ways with your beloved items when you know you are either getting money for them or going to someone who will really needs it. To prevent myself from ever bringing things back home that I intended to get rid of I take them to sell, whether it is a Playtos Closet, Clothes Mentor, etc. and whatever they do not buy, I donate. This helps diminish the, “oh I think I may wear this” from happening.


Clutter is the ability to fit as much stuff as possible into a space. Have you ever gone through drawers and realized that really it’s just a bunch of junk that you never use? Throw it away! I have a rule, if I have not looked for it in over a year I can obviously live without it. So while going through your things, if you have not thought about it or have tried to look for it in the last year pitch it.


Do you use five things for the same thing? Do you have a tablet, ipad, computer, and television that you use to watch movies/shows? What items do you use consistently? If you can do all your streaming or show watching on your computer and television does the tablet or ipad serve any other purpose? If not, get rid of them.

Do you have boxes and shelves full of books? Is there a reason you still have them? Are there some books you can download so you always have the material and then donate the hard copy?

Let Go

Going from a two bed two bath to a studio apartment is not the ideal scenario for your furniture. Have a favorite chair? Lamp? Table? Do you have room for it in your new space? If not only pick those items that you truly love. Let the rest go! You can sell these items, donate the items, or see if any friends or family are needing/wanting some new furniture or decor.

Happy Downsizing!


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