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New York City: Plan Your Trip

Welcome to New York! New York City is an enchanting city that oozes opportunity, possibility, and resiliency.

A city that gives you the feeling that anything is possible, no matter the hurdles. Given the nickname “the town that never sleeps” is a mecca of ability. The ability to do anything, whether it is helicopter around the statue of liberty,  ferry around the city, or climb 102 stories to the top of the Empire State Building.

Welcome to the second post in my New York Series highlighting how to conquor your time in the Big Apple!

Day 1: Go into your trip with a plan. If you do not know where to start look into purchasing the Official New York CityPass. You can save almost 50% on admission pricing to the various attractions that you want to experience at least once in your life.

You can purchase this pass at any of the attractions below or online prior to your arrival for even more savings!

CityPASS Admission Includes

This pass allows you to create some structure while amusing all your inner needs of views, history, art, and action. If you choose not to opt for the CityPass and plan your own day ensure you do your research. Take the following into consideration:

  • Location: NYC is larger than you think, although you could probably walk to a lot of things (if you have good walking shoes and a lot of time) you may not want to spend half your day walking place to place. Plan your days by clumping similar location things together to prevent backtracking and jumping from one end of the city to the other several times.
  • Transportation: The subway can be your best friend, offering you an affordable way to get around but can be confusing for first time users. Want to know how to get around the city visit my previous blog post NYC: How to Get Around. 

  • Priorities: There is no way to get everything done you want to during one trip. List out the places that are MUST SEES vs. CAN SEES in order to ensure that you hit the spots you have been dying to see.
  • Eateries: There are thousands of restaurants to choose from making your options limitless. Do your research on the best pizza (*cough*cough*  Joe’s), best desert, best breakfast, and best dinner and a show (Stardust). This helps wasted time and money on mediocre food and dinner experiences.

  • What Makes You Happy: With so much to do and so much to offer it can be easy to decide to do things just to do them. Take into consideration what kind of things you enjoy instead of “what you should do” when in NYC. If you do not like Broadway style plays don’t see one. If you enjoy history take advantage of the museums. If you don’t like pizza, don’t eat it. If you enjoy seeing sites from above, schedule a helicopter tour. Take your happiness into consideration while planning your trip, it will make for a much more enjoyable and relaxing trip.

Enjoy NYC!


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