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Pittsburgh, PA

I fell in love with Pittsburgh the moment I laid eyes on PPG Place, the river side PNC Park, and the endless fresh pepperoni rolls being sold on every corner. A town that can fill any sports fanatic’s cravings from watching home runs from the Pittsburgh Pirates, touchdowns from the Steelers, or some ice action from the Penguins.

Let’s start with the food! I hope you love pierogies because Stuff’d Pierogi Bar is a must while in town. We ordered the buffalo chicken and the breakfast pierogi’s and they exceeded expectations. Growing up eating Pierogi’s these gave my grandma’s recipe a run for their money. Their entire pierogi menu will help satisfy any mood you may be in with their array of flavors. Located in the heart of the cultural district, the walkability to and around the restaurant is amazing!

Next restaurant on the list is City Works , a great brunch, lunch, and dinner menu to choose from and a prime spot if you want a view of the Market Square or want to watch the Steelers play on Sunday on one of their many TV’s throughout the restaurant. With a great beer selection and a mouth watering menu you cannot go wrong.

One place that is a must stop while in Pittsburgh is Primanti Brothers. Let’s talk about a sandwhich full of meats, cole slaw, and fries! That’s right, I said fries! No need to utter the words, “and a side of fries please” because they come ON the sandwich. The original Primanti Brothers location is located in the Strip District, open 24/7! A perfect stop before or after watching a game, or grabbing a couple drinks with friends. If you prefer a Market Square view you are in luck because if you can snag a table you can enjoy the view of the square or catch a game inside while you watch the masterpiece of the legendary sandwich be made.

While you are enjoying one of these massively large sandwiches don’t forget the napkins, you will need one……or twenty.

Onto things to do besides eating your way through Pittsburgh. How about a quick trip to the intriguing Andy Worhol Museum? Seven floors, and an underground full of Worhol art, history, and his story. This is one of the neatest, most interactive museums I have ever been to! From getting to film your own screen test, or getting to enter a room full of large silver balloons it pulls out your inner child.

Get to see the revolution of Worhol artistry from his pop art, screen printing, videos, and his life from the time he was a child to the day he died. If you want to make some art of your own enter the basement where you can get hands on with some paint of your own. Also, if you are a student be sure to bring your student ID since they do offer student discounts on admission.


The Strip District is a must when visiting. With farmers markets every Saturday and Sunday morning you can find anything you may be craving. Home to the largest assortment of international grocers you can get fresh pasta, breads, pepperoni rolls, or sweets of your choosing. This is where I got to experience the best pepperoni roll I have ever had and all I can tell you is that it was the best $6 I have spent at a portable food stand.

Need some gear to cheer on your favorite local sports team? The Strip District has you covered with fan shops on every corner and all for a reasonable price! This hat I am wearing below….$10!

Market Square is home to the most beautiful structure I have ever seen, fit for a queen. This square is a perfect destination for the wanderers and the hungry. Surrounded with restaurants that serve every purpose between breakfast, dinner, to desert. The square always has fun events going on from craft fairs, to morning yoga sessions. When there isn’t an event going on you can take part in some of the over sized chess, jenga, and checkers that are placed about the square. Another option is grabbing a one of their many colorful tables and connecting to the downtown wifi network to get some work done will enjoying the scenery.

Do you love sports? Pittsburgh is your town! From baseball, football, to hockey it has you covered. You can usually snag some pretty inexpensive Pittsburgh Pirates tickets and whether they win or loose, the view is worth it! We got Club Level Seats on the third base line that gave us a beautiful panoramic view of the city. Plus, the pierogi races that occur between innings is pretty comical.


No matter what you are into or how old you are Pittsburgh has something that would interest you. With a high walkability score you can get to a lot of things with a simple pair of comfortable walking shoes.

Happy Travels!


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