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10 Interview Basics

“You can only make a first impression once”

Interviewing is stressful, time consuming, and a great opportunity. Follow these 10 Interview Basics to procure your dream career.

Bring Resumes

This may be common sense and you may never be asked for one, but I can guarantee the one time you do not bring resumes you will be asked for one. Interviewers are usually busy both before and after your scheduled interview so it is not uncommon they may forget your resume on their desk or forget to print it out.

Be a Talker

There is nothing worse than 45 minutes of Yes/No answers. Take advantage of every second you have in front of the interviewer. Even though you may not be a perfect for that position, the more you expand and talk about your experience and wants there may be something else available or a future position that they will consider you for since you spoke about your experience in that field or area of expertise. You want to give that interviewer as much positive information about your experience, career aspirations, and abilities as possible. The only way to give the interviewer this information is to expand on questions and take full advantage of the time you have.

Be Neutral

Do not wear a graphic tee and a red bandanna going into an interview. Do not wear a sequin tank top, jeans, and flip flops to an interview. No matter the position, no matter the shift, no matter the company, you want to look professional. Whether this is a suit (black or navy) with neutral color shirt and shoes, or a button up with slacks. You are there to present your professional background and pitch why you are best for the job. You are not there for a fashion show or to advertise your favorite television show.Even if you are doing a Skype interview, make sure you still dress the part.

Walk-able Shoes

Heels may look better in the mirror, but if you are walking a half mile to the interview location or going on a facility tour the last thing you want to do is wear heels that you cannot walk in. Find shoes that you can walk in confidently, for a long period of time, and are appropriate.

Hair Back

Having your hair in your eyes is not a good look when you are trying to juggle good eye contact, engaging thoughts, and professional body language. Ensure your hair is back or styled so you are not worrying about moving your hair out of your face during your interview.

Iron Everything

You can only make a first impression once. You do not want your first impression to be wrinkled. You want to look as professional as possible, and wrinkles are not in that definition.

Be Prepared

Preparation is the key to success! If you are able to properly prepare for an interview there is no reason why you cannot knock it out of the park. Preparation may also be the hardest thing before an interview because you have to figure out what exactly you need to prepare. Start with why you are a good fit for the position and how your background experience allows you to excel if given the job. Be knowledgeable of the company and the position you are applying for. Being prepared will ease the stress that tends to pop up during the pre-interview phase.

Ask Questions

Don’t know something, ask! Do you want to know how many employees you will be managing? Do you want to know what the culture is like? Do you want to know what people in this position before have done to be successful? Do you want to know was defines success in this position? ASK!

Do not be Late

Interviewers are busy, they are juggling your interview in their normal jam packed day. Be courteous of their time and show up a few minutes early if possible. Being late is not a great way to start the interview, this reflects the type of employee you may be if hired.

Brag, but Don’t

You are being interviewed for a reason, you stood out among all the other applicants for the position. Use this time to highlight your experience, your background, and why you are the best fit for the position. You need to be confident that you can do the job, and not be afraid to admit areas in which you may not be as experienced but are more than willing to do everything in your power to excel in that area.


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