10 Ways to get Inspired

1.Write Down Your Goals

Stop reading and grab the closest pen and paper. Write down your goals. Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychology professor at Dominican University has proven that writing down your goals on a regular basis will make you 42% more likely to achieve your goals. Just thinking about your goals only uses the right hemisphere of your brain or your “imagination center”. Writing them down engages the left side, igniting your subconscious and your “logic center”. By writing down your goals you are telling yourself that you actually mean business, you want this! Seeing is believing and it allows you to feel like you can accomplish something that you have worked hard for. So write them in a daily planner, a notebook, or your wall for all I care, just write them down and write them down often.

2.  Surf the Web

In this day in age there are countless ways to become re-inspired on the internet. From Pinterest scrolling, YouTube watching, or Instagram hastagging, you can find people, companies, or places that inspire you and get lost with them on their journey via social media. It is almost creepy how much you can feel like you know someone after taking a trip down their Instagram page or spending hours face to face with them via YouTube. Do you want to get fit? Find some inspiring fit people to follow. Do you want to write a book? Find authors who are knocking it out of the park in the publishing business. Get inspired by inspiring people, or places. The best thing about this, it is free.

3. Take a Break

The worst thing you can do to yourself is allow burnout, working so hard every day that you lose the true reason why you started. You lose the passion that once burned from within that drove you to great work. Allocate time towards your goal but don’t get so overwhelmed with it that you begin to despise it. If you are on the verge of a burnout, take a break. This could be for a day, a week, a month, whichever length helps you realize why you started in the first place. This allows you to reignite the fire that you had when you first started, gives you the will that you had to start working on it 24/7. Taking a break and stepping away for a while can be the best thing for your goals even though it may seem counter-productive.

4. Travel

This can be a day trip, a weekend getaway, or a weeklong vacation. It can be a drive five minutes down the road to a part of town you have never explored, or ten thousand miles away where no one speaks your language. Traveling can open your eyes to a different type of living, different aspirations, and a different mind-set. Traveling can help open your mind to things you may have never thought or wondered about. You can find a new inspiration from everything around you by leaving your worries at home and taking in your surroundings. Find the beauty in your surroundings and find what motivates those around you from other cities, cultures, or nations.

5. Try Something New

Trying something new sparks motivation tremendously! Why is that? First think about all the reasons why you lose motivation, (1) not challenged (2) comfortable (3) not interested (4) no longer happy. Trying something new challenges your brain and body. It challenges your perspective on things and makes us take a step outside our comfort zone. It gets you out of your day-to-day stagnate routine. When you keep trying new things, it opens your mind up to change, experiences, and challenges. Trying something new should bring you excitement and a new perspective on what you are working on. For example, Sex and the City Season 6 Episode 8, Carrie goes from being a writer to swinging on a trapeze to get inspiration for a piece she was writing. Stepping out of her comfort zone, swinging on the trapeze, and trusting the safety net to catch her for when she fell. I guarantee that piece was better than anything she could have thought of staring out her window. So look at it as an investment when you decide to step out of your day-to-day routine and try something new. It will pay dividends.

6. Network

Finding inspiring people on the internet is great, but finding inspiring people in real life is essential. Everyone can get where they want to go with perseverance and motivation, but you can get there a lot quicker and easier if you have help. You get this help through networking and finding those key contacts that can get you to where you want to be. Creating a good network takes effort, and time, but is worth it in the long run. Finding others in the field in which you want to succeed will help push you to reach your goals because you will hear their story of struggle and triumph. They will share how they got to where they are and what helped them, you can take this information with a grain of salt or you can use it to fuel your passion to get to where you want to be. Let these people be the extra fuel and push you need to motivate you to the next level. Everywhere you go you can make a networking connection, that can help ignite a career move, motivation, or the partnership you may need to succeed.

7. Read

Is traveling out of your budget? Do you not have the time to take away from work? Reading is a much cheaper and effective way to get out of your head and enter another world. Reading can take you and your mind places that can help ramp up motivation. Reading can help you find new ways to accomplish your goals by thinking about different scenarios, different theories, or by taking your mind off your goals for a minute to escape to Aruba where you help solve the Natalee Holloway case from beginning to end, or enter the world of Girlboss herself Sophia Amorusa as she struggles to make Nasty Gal a $100 million dollar business. Take yourself to your nearest bookstore, or Amazon and find where you want to take your mind next.

8. Take a Class

With the web at our fingertips we have millions of free classes just seconds away. If you are a makeup artist you can find new techniques, new products, and potentially new clients to collaborate with. If you are a writer, you can take a class on how to write a killer ending to the book you have spent the past year working on. If you are a student, you can take a class on how to trick your brain into learning what you are taught, or speed reading so you can ace your finals. No matter who you are you can find new inspiration for your craft, hobby, or life via online classes. You can even do this while sitting in your pajamas in bed #winning!

9. Workout

Working out, even the slightest bit gives you mood-boosting benefits almost immediately and for duration of time after the workout. This can give you the extra boost of motivation you need to finish a project, start a project, or solve one of the world’s greatest mysteries. As the great Elle Woods said, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t”. Working out has become easier with the access to YouTube and the array of different at-home workouts you can do without leaving the comfort of your home. If you want to step it up a level you can buy some cheap hand-weights, yoga mat, or kettle bell to ramp up your workouts and increase endorphin flow. So whether you are trying to find the motivation to not kill your husband, or the motivation to accomplish your goals, working out is always a safe bet.

10. Reflect

Reflecting is a powerful tool that can re-energize your goals, aspirations, and life. No matter who you are, what you have done, or what you want to accomplish you have done amazing things already. Even the smallest accomplishments should be celebrated. Reflect on the amazing person you have been, and want to become. Even when you think you are scum on the bottom of a shoe, reflecting on what you have been blessed with, who you have been fortunate enough to know, where you have been able to explore, and what you have been able to learn that you can share with others. Reflecting helps you realize that with the energy you have and the motivation you can activate, you can do anything. You are amazing, you are strong, and you can do whatever you put your mind to. Get out there and do it!

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